The Vision Show That Scuba Diving Has No Limits


The Mission Statement To Train and Support Disabled Divers Everywhere

Dive Unlimited began life under a different name in a different country; originally based in the UK where it existed as a small independent SCUBA diving school. Here we gained valuable experience teaching both adults and children and so when we moved to Australia it seemed only natural to carry this on, after all it is a lot warmer over here!

The Dive Unlimited name was the result of a re-branding in order to better reflect what we are trying to achieve with our current training programs. We believe that scuba diving provides a unique opportunity for everyone to learn about what goes on beneath the surface of our oceans, consequently our aim is to provide that opportunity for everyone regardless of their individual situation.

Now of course bringing SCUBA diving to everyone is no small task; initially we looked into the possibility of starting a not-for-profit organisation, unfortunately finding funding for something that did not yet exist proved difficult. Instead we started a for-profit business with a view to starting a not-for-profit once a need was established.

Now that we have achieved our dream of starting a not-for-profit organisation our main goal has become supporting people with disabilities who wish to experience SCUBA diving, secondary to that goal we train and support anyone that wishes to experience diving.

How You Can Help

  • Make a donation

    Whilst we are not a registered charity or a donatable goods recipient you can still make a donation, unfortunately this donation, whether financial or material, will NOT be tax deductable. We will however, be working to gain accreditation for tax deductable donations.

  • Purchase the Entertainment Book

    Dive Unlimited is a registered reseller of the Entertainment Book, by purchasing either the book or the app through us you will be supporting our organisation. Click here to purchase yours today.

  • Volunteer your time

    We are always looking for divers to assist us with in water support and the logistics or running courses or just getting the guys out on a dive. We provide training to divers that wish to act as dive buddies for our divers.